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Showcasing the Pacific Northwest to a Global Audience!

The Ask

As the world’s largest privately owned tourist train, Rocky Mountaineer offers guests a first-hand look at the untouched beauty of the Pacific Northwest and is considered by many as the most luxurious way to experience the Canadian Rockies. In early 2015, Citizen was tasked with raising the profile and brand awareness of this prestigious rail company by securing tier A media coverage in travel publications across North America.

What we did

To accomplish this, Citizen developed a two-pronged familiarization trip program for the year. First, they worked with Rocky Mountaineer and their partners to create a global group FAM trip rooted in four unique themes with associated itineraries that would appeal to various travel media clusters. Based on the itineraries, Citizen carefully conducted outreach to the most influential travel outlets that were aligned to the brand.

In early May, 20 media from across Canada and the United Sates were flown to Vancouver, where they embarked on a seven-day journey.

Being considerate of the Canadian media landscape, Citizen felt it was important to supplement this with an individual FAM trip program. As such, a yearlong FAM program was put in place whereby Citizen would organize individual FAMs for key journalists throughout the season with highly tailored itineraries.

Throughout the year, Citizen hosted 36 media on individual FAMs which honed in on features, unique itineraries and broadcast opportunities.


  • Global FAM: Secured 20 tier A media to attend this highly successful trip and generated 30 pieces of earned media coverage, representing 68 million impressions, in tier A outlets across North America.
  • Individual FAM: Secured 36 media to participate in individual FAM trips and generated 35 pieces of earned media coverage, representing 275+ million impressions in tier A and B outlets across North America.
  • Key outlets include: Canadian Geographic, Toronto Star, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Travel, Examiner, Journal de Montreal, Canoe, Western Living Magazine, and Forbes.