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Extreme Climate Trip – Taking KAO Beauty Products Abroad

The Ask

In 2015, Citizen Relations was tasked with announcing 28 new product developments from Kao and its corresponding brands: John Frieda, Jergens, Biore and Curel. This was the first time that we were challenged to launch multiple brands in one strategic activation.

What we did

To support the launch, Citizen sought to give media a trip that would not only relate to each individual brand, but one that would also elevate the Kao Masterbrand. With this in mind, Citizen set off to Reykjavik, Iceland, on an Extreme Climate Trip.

Prior to the trip, Citizen sent three teaser mailings to the media that included new products and a gift, ranging from hats and mitts made of Icelandic wool to designer winter coats. These packages worked to provide the media with information on the new products, the trip itinerary and to build excitement and momentum.


In early February, 15 media from across English and French Canada were flown to Iceland where they embarked on a three-day experience filled with exceptional sites, delicious foods and drinks as well as informative presentations from brand representatives and spokespeople. Locations for each presentation varied and had a strong connection to the brand while the excursions and meals offered a first-hand look at the beautiful country and its rich history.