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Bringing Nature to the City

The Ask

For summer 2016, Strongbow challenged Citizen to create conversations around nature in the city that resonated with the urban drinker while also acting as an opportunity to sample product.

What we did

Citizen took a multi-pronged approach to create discussion around how Strongbow brought nature to Toronto. Citizen partnered with By Nature Designs, a company that specializes in greenifying urban spaces, to transform Toronto’s graffiti alley into a garden oasis. This #NatureRemix environment was used as a highly visual backdrop for media interviews as well as a venue for an influencer sampling event. We partnered with 5 local influencers that could authentically speak to the target drinker about the importance of bringing nature into the city as well as attend the event which helped drive online engagement and amplified the use of the #NatureRemix hash tag.

By Nature Designs and Lane Way Project, a local not for profit that aims to beautify Toronto’s laneways, were engaged in paid-for partnerships to act as brand ambassadors with media and speak to the benefit of bringing nature into city centres. Strongbow made a financial contribution and an in-kind donation of greenery used for the event that would live on in The Laneway Project’s initiatives throughout the summer. This element of the program helped extend the life of the event and discussions around Strongbow #NatureRemix.


This program exceeded expectations and became globally recognized internally at Heineken. Once the program wrapped, Citizen was able to surpass the target of 7 million impressions to secure more than 8,584,181 impressions consisting of 106 hits (5 broadcast, 6 online and 95 social posts).